Warranty for Fields Management, L.L.C.
Version v3.13

So that we may more effectively and correctly service your account, we feel that it is very important for our customers to understand all warranty service and return policies.  A good understanding of what both parties will be responsible for will prevent any misunderstandings now or in the future should you have a problem with your equipment.

As a reseller for the products we sell, please be assured we will honor the limited warranties as stated by the manufacturer.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s limited warranty or software limited warranty are not read or understood.  Most warranties do not cover travel or on-site repair, and unless otherwise stated, do not cover loaner equipment while your equipment is being repaired. If these conditions are important to your operation, depending on the product you purchased, you may wish to consider a full-service agreement or a warranty upgrade from us or the manufacturer.  This would cover you for on-site repair as opposed to carry-in service.

If your purchase includes software or you purchase software separately… the software warranty covers defects in materials (the media).  The software manufacturer will, if applicable, replace the software media, but this does not cover the software installation, its setup or other procedures you may desire that prove necessary.  From experience, over 80% or better of our computer service calls are software problem related.  Therefore, it is always important to recognize what product is at fault.  A personal computer is probably one of the few products you own that is comprised of hardware and software available from many different manufacturers.

Fields Management, L.L.C. Warranty Conditions and Coverage

All parts and labor are included if part of the limited manufacturer’s warranty specifies.  Length of limited manufacturer warranty coverage will vary from different manufacturers.

Unfortunately, loaner equipment is not covered under the limited manufacturer’s warranty.  If you are under a service agreement for the hardware, loaner equipment will be provided, subject to availability.  For those customers who are not on a Fields Management, L.L.C. service agreement, we will be pleased to offer equipment at a reduced rate.  Most of our competitors do not offer this service.  There may be exceptions, due to the type of equipment in service.

Software, including operating systems, is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or a standard Fields Management, L.L.C. Service Agreement.  All software related calls are considered billable calls.

It is the customer’s responsibility to save the original packing — otherwise the customer may be charged for packaging.  UPS has the right to refuse shipping products not in their original box and packaging, therefore we at Fields Management, L.L.C. must provide packaging that is more than adequate or we become liable when UPS has a damage claim.

We reserve the right to refuse warranty repair on equipment that was not purchased from us.

If equipment was purchased from us, we will see that it gets repaired under the stated limited manufacturer’s warranty.  Please be aware that another dealer or reseller may not honor the same warranty.

We reserve the right to charge for actual costs we may incur that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty — for example, shipping, phone calls, etc.  A service agreement or 100% warranty upgrade does cover these costs for you.

Fields Management, L.L.C. is not responsible, in any way, for lost data, software data files, software program files, lost income or any other consequential or incidental damages or costs resulting from defective equipment or software.

Fields Management, L.L.C. makes every effort to repair equipment on a timely basis.  We  repair equipment on a first come, first served basis for all non-contract customers.  Customers with a service agreement or warranty upgrade will receive priority service.

Customers may be asked to show a copy of the purchase invoice with appropriate serial numbers before warranty work can begin.

For equipment that is in its limited manufacturer’s warranty period, and you desire on-site repairs, the on-site service call will be billed at the then in effect normal Fields Management, L.L.C. hourly labor rates.

All repairs are subject to availability of parts from the manufacturer.  If parts are not in stock, they will be ordered through normal channels at no cost to the customer.  If you desire parts to be expedited, i.e. overnight air, there will be a fee to cover the service.

Warranty claims refused by the manufacturer will be billed to the customer.

For equipment and/or performance malfunctions found to be caused by operator or any software (operating systems or application), will be billed at our normal hourly rates.

Fields Management, L.L.C. Merchandise Return Policy

A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from Fields Management, L.L.C. prior to returning any product. You may get this number from Fields Management, L.L.C. by filling out a RMA request form. If a valid RMA number is not marked on the box, the product will be refused.

Only equipment that is a stocked item, in new condition and in the original box, will be considered for exchange or replacement.

Due to copyright laws, software cannot be returned if the cellophane seal covering the box is broken.

Fields Management, L.L.C. will charge a published restocking fee equal to 20% of the original purchase price on all eligible returns.

Equipment that has been used or is not in “resalable” new condition may not be returned, nor may special order items be returned for any reason.

Some memory products are not a returnable product.