Cabling Installs Guaranteed

Over the years, we have seen many changes in cabling solutions; however, many things must be consistent with the installation of your data backbone. The connection points must be correctly installed and copper wire runs should be routed away from electrical lines that may cause “noise” by inductance to ensure that you don’t have communication issues.

Cable Drop Types

Network drops vary in cost based on the type of cable used and length of the run.

1. A standard drop includes: faceplate or surface mount box and RJ-45 connector for any cable run / drop length from 20 to 100 feet terminated at one end in a patch panel and the other end fished to a surface mount modular jack or flush mount faceplate, routed through a drop ceiling, tested and certified.

2. A non-standard drop includes: hard-to-reach places or ceilings above 10’, runs longer than 100′, running more than 1 cable per location, installing conduit, fire stops, lift charges, etc. Additional charges will apply for non-standard drops.

Labor and network backbone component costs are detailed in the drop pricing estimate.

We guarantee our cabling workmanship and provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original Client of our services. This warranty only applies to the labor (products and product warranties are not included in the workmanship guarantee). The warranty will be null and void if it is determined that a repair is required due to negligence, misuse, or abuse on the behalf of the Client and/or end Customer, act of God, or performance of work at the site by a party other than Fields Management, L.L.C.. Furthermore, the warranty does not include upgrades to existing cabling to support faster technology nor problems that may arise from attempting to force newer and faster technology to run on cabling designed for outdated technology speeds.

As a long standing provider of technical services, we understand all too well the necessity of having a good backup. We understand that not only is a good and reliable method of backup required for the continued vitality of a business, but that the backups should be periodically tested for validity if they are ultimately to be relied on in an emergency. At Fields Management, LLC. we go to great lengths ensuring that every bit of your data is present and accounted for and that the media being used for said backups, is reliable. We treat your data as if it were our own, so, rest easy knowing that we are on the job.

Custom Servers

We evaluate the needs of the applications before any custom server estimate to ensure that the hardware will support your needs. In some cases you may benefit from a single physical server or you may benefit by moving to a Hyper-V virtual solution.

Custom Storage

We have an assortment of hardware solutions running either Microsoft or Linux operating systems.

Custom Workstations

As with our servers we use quality components in our workstations. We design our workstations with durability and speed in mind. Technology constantly changes and there are many things that must be considered when integrating components to make a finished product. We enjoy digging through the technical jargon so you do not have to.
We integrate the individual components into a system that will perform for years to come.


Although we no longer build custom laptops. We do work with other vendors that do custom builds and work with them to suite your needs. We will also meet with you and advise which laptop components will be best for your application needs.

We do repair laptops depending on the severity of the problem.

Broken Screens
Broken Digitizers
Replace / Upgrade Hard Drives
Upgrade Memory

We excel at providing solutions, whether that solution comes in the form of Microsoft or Linux systems. We understand that the challenges of merging legacy systems with the latest and greatest is normally filled with its share of headaches. That’s where we come in, with years of experience in multiple platforms, facilitating seamless communications between new and old systems is “old hat” to us (pardon the pun). We pride ourselves on being resourceful and cunning when it comes to hunting down these sorts of issues, and putting them to rest.

We understand that navigating the waters of Hyper-V vs. VMWware can be nauseating, to say the least, especially when you throw in all of the other contenders, such as the many open-source offerings. Let us help you make sense of the available options and put you on the right course, and even whether to virtualize at all.

You can place your trust in us to help you establish and build your web presence by utilizing a variety of tools and languages, with which we have experience, including, but not limited to, the following:
• PHP-Nuke
• Joomla
• WordPress
• and more