Over the years we have seen many changes to wiring solutions.  However, many things must stay consistent in installing your data backbone, the connection points must be correctly installed and copper wire runs should be routed away from electrical lines that may cause “noise” by inductance to ensure that you don’t have issues.

Cabling Rates:

Network drops vary in cost based on the type of cable used and length of the run.

Our rates are based below:

  1. Standard drop means the following materials – faceplate and RJ-45 faceplate connector for any cable run / drop length from 20 to 100 feet terminated at one end in a patch panel and the other end fished to a flush-mount face plate, routed through a drop ceiling,  tested and certified. 
  2. Non-standard includes hard to reach or higher ceiling above 10’, longer runs, greater than 1 cable per location, installing conduit, fire stops, lift charges, etc.  Additional charges will apply for non-standard drops. 

Labor and network backbone component costs are detailed in the drop pricing estimate.

We guarantee our cabling workmanship and provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original Client of our services. This warranty only applies to the labor (products and product warranties are not included in the workmanship guarantee). The warranty will be null and void if it is determined that a repair is required due to negligence, misuse, or abuse on the behalf of the Client and/or end Customer, act of God, or performance of work at the site by a party other than Fields Management, L.L.C.