About the Owner

Kevin Fields has been in the computer industry since 1981 after attending Delta-Ouachita Vocational Technical Institute, West Monroe in electronics-communications.  He received training in board level repair and began training in digital electronics when Tandy Corporation’s TRS-80 with a cassette tape recorder for data cassette storage was just discontinued.

Kevin’s history with electronics and computers has been from the late 70’s to date.  He has been trained and has received certificates of achievement on computer hardware and applications from Data Terminal Systems (DTS).  He has serviced equipment manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation, also known as DEC, PDP-11 running RT-11 OS and Data General running AOS/VS OS computers.  He was involved in the early technology of networking computer systems to cash registers.  In addition, he also installed and serviced National Semiconductor Corp. split processor mainframes and cash register systems.  He began working on DOS based OS computers beginning with Microsoft MS-DOS 1.0 and PC DOS for IBM systems and became certified with Microsoft’s MS-DOS 5.0 and microcomputer hardware.  In 2008, he earned an Entry-Level Solar Electric Systems certificate of completion from attending a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) training course by Louisiana Clean Tech Network.

Kevin Fields began his career with a local cash register company as an entry level technician.  He was promoted to Service Manager and then Branch Manager over a span of eleven years.  In May 1991, he started BizTech Services, Inc. where he has had the pleasure of servicing many accounts in which many friendships have been formed.

Today, Kevin Fields is president of BizTech Services, Inc. and a member of Fields Management, L.L.C. He has experience with many applications and operating systems and is always working with new products to help clients work efficiently.  Projects that he enjoys include the integration of dissimilar systems and applications.